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An author and prolific preacher, Pastor Rhonda Pettigrew is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s influential voices within church, leadership, and corporate platforms. She is a relevant, revolutionary thinker with the ability to cross cultural and socioeconomic lines bringing empowerment to people from all walks life.

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Wisdom on Divine Timing

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When is my time coming? Did I miss my moment? How long do I have to wait? Is it
too early? Is it too late? These are just some
of the questions that plague our lives on a daily basis on our journey towards destiny. One of the biggest problems in Christendom today is the ability to couple understanding and
acceptance when it comes to Divine timing. Without insight concerning God’s time-table, it is extremely difficult to navigate through life and maintain the proper perspective as it
relates to delays, accelerations, interruptions, pits, promotions, holding patterns, and
setbacks. To misunderstand God’s timing is tantamount to misunderstanding the predestined plan that He has for your life. There is an appointed time when Divine timing will demonstrate the awesome power of God in your life. The Word of God says that wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom, get understanding. It is God’s desire to give you wisdom on Divine timing. You will enter a place of rest, knowing that God has everything under control.

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