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Soul Fast Devotional


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The state of your soul is vitally important. Most of the stagnation, as it relates to innovation and creativity, is a result of a cluttered soul. The alignment of your soul with the will of God is the key to obtaining the capacity that is necessary to contain His blessings. Soul work, cultivated from the inside-out, must be done on a continual basis to build the internal framework that continually makes room for more. God is always pouring to fuel progression, but the positioning to receive it is up to you. The good news is, if you commit to this journey, you are guaranteed to see transformation from the inside-out in every area of your life, your family, your business or career, your money, your ministry, and most all, your mindset. A healthy soul will lead you to your wealthy place. This wealthy place is not limited to money but rather a place of peace, wholeness, and overall wellness.

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